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  • RT  @InSightCrime : The latest development in the explosive battle between the Zetas and the CJNG for Puebla's illicit oil industry: https://… 3 days ago
  • RT  @InSightCrime : With the highest incarceration rate in the world, it's time that Latin America govts rethink their drug policies: https:/… 3 days ago
  •  @ComIndar . Thank you. Anything concrete you can send us much appreciated 1 month ago
  •  @ComIndar  We are already working in Ven, but no-one in Guyana 2 months ago
  • RT  @InSightCrime : Check out our profile of infamous drug lord "El Chapo," who was extradited last night to the United States:… 2 months ago

Jeremy McDermott

Executive Director and Co-Founder, InSight Crime


Jeremy McDermott is the executive director and co-founder of InSight Crime, an investigative think-tank that studies organized crime in the Americas. He has almost two decades of experience reporting from around Latin America. He is a former British Army officer, who saw active service in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. Upon retiring from the military he became a war correspondent, covering the Balkans and the Middle East, before settling in Colombia from where he travels extensively throughout Latin America. He previously worked as the BBC’s Colombia Correspondent, as well as Latin America Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and Jane’s Intelligence Review. He specializes in drug trafficking, organized crime and the Colombian civil conflict.