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  • RT  @TamaraTaraciuk : Here’s the official list of Venezuelans sanctioned by the European Union: Nestor Reverol, Gustavo González Lopez, Tibis… 6 hours ago
  • RT  @elfroyenciso : Se confirmo lo que temíamos: México atraviesa el momento más sangriento de su historia https://t.co/eHGdFZH9Uj via  @elpai … 14 hours ago
  • RT  @theBAtimes : #ElGráfico | Publishers blow final whistle on influential publication that helped to shape and define this nation’s love of… 16 hours ago
  • RT  @ICGlatam : Los invitamos, en alianza con  @FESPAD_sv , a la presentación de nuestro informe “Política y violencia perpetua en El Salvador”… 1 day ago
  • RT  @InSightCrime : Check out InSight Crime’s 2017 Homicide Round-Up of Latin America and the Caribbean https://t.co/GQvikiCygn https://t.co/… 4 days ago

Ivan Briscoe

Programme Directior of Latin America and the Carribean, International Crisis Group


Ivan Briscoe is the Programme Director of Latin America and the Carribean at the International Crisis Group. A specialist in the political economy of fragile and developing countries, as well as the connections between organised crime and politics, he has carried out fieldwork and written reports on numerous countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. For over a decade he also worked as a journalist and editor in Argentina, France, and Spain, and continues to write regular columns for The Buenos Aires Herald and openDemocracy.