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  • RT  @elpaisinenglish : A Mexican immigrant holed up in a US church has just been named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people htt… 2 days ago
  • Note reports of looting & repression in poor areas Caracas on Thu night https://t.co/FC2u8SbmSt 2 days ago
  • "Politica busca votos de pobres y dinero de ricos". Excelente  @JuanFdoLondono  sobre paradojas electorales #Colombia https://t.co/4lmKCi7814 2 days ago
  • RT  @zavaleta_noe : https://t.co/jSQ6EDHVpz 2 days ago
  • RT  @RWhelanWSJ : Maduro will remain until the slums rise up. But propaganda and intimidation work on folks w/ empty stomachs https://t.co/Hn… 3 days ago

Ivan Briscoe

Programme Directior of Latin America and the Carribean, International Crisis Group


Ivan Briscoe is the Programme Director of Latin America and the Carribean at the International Crisis Group. A specialist in the political economy of fragile and developing countries, as well as the connections between organised crime and politics, he has carried out fieldwork and written reports on numerous countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. For over a decade he also worked as a journalist and editor in Argentina, France, and Spain, and continues to write regular columns for The Buenos Aires Herald and openDemocracy.