David Luna

Senior Director for National Security and Diplomacy at U.S. Department of State

Chair, OECD Task Force on Charting Illicit Trade at OECD – OCDE

Vice Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Organised Crime and Illicit Trade at World Economic Forum



David M. Luna helps coordinate diplomatic initiatives on national security and threat convergence including international organized crime, corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing, IPR enforcement, consumer counterfeits, cybersecurity/cybercrime, environmental crime, and smuggling/trafficking crimes that impact the US homeland, and destabilize global security and world order. He has worked with governments, international organizations, private sector, and NGOs throughout the world to strengthen the rule of law and criminal justice systems to improve the state of the world, secure an enduring peace, build tomorrow’s growth markets and investment frontiers, and nurture an inclusive, sustainable, green future for communities by addressing global threats/navigating geo-security risks. He has participated in numerous global summits, multilateral and inter-governmental meetings and initiatives including involving the United Nations, G8/G20, OECD, APEC, ASEAN, OAS, EU, AU, Arab League, World Bank.

David M. Luna is a member of the World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council (GAC) and Global Risks Response Network, and Vice-Chair of GAC on Illicit Trade and Organized Crime; Chair of the OECD Task Force on Charting Illicit Trade; co-Chair of the U.S.-China Anti-Corruption Working Group; and member of APEC Anti-Corruption and Transparency (ACT) WG. He is also coordinator of the Trans-Pacific & Trans-Atlantic Initiatives on Dismantling Threat Networks; and the Combating Crime-Terror Pipelines Dialogues(DC, London). A strategic and thought leader, he is a frequent speaker on national security, foreign policy, geo-security threats that fuel insecurity and instability; and on building global partnerships on vigilance and resiliency.