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Charlie Edwards

Senior Research Fellow/Director National Security and Resilience, RUSI


Charlie Edwards is a Senior Research Fellow and Director of National Security and Resilience Studies at the Royal United Services Institute. Prior to RUSI he was a Research Leader at the RAND Corporation focusing on Defence and Security where he conducted research and analysis on a broad range of subject areas including: the evaluation and implementation of counter-violent extremism programmes in Europe and Africa, UK cyber strategy, European emergency management, and the role of the internet in the process of radicalisation. He has undertaken fieldwork in Iraq, Somalia, and the wider Horn of Africa region.

Charlie is a former Deputy Director for Strategy and Planning in the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (Home Office). In this role he was responsible for the development of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST 2011) and was the official charged with independent oversight of the Prevent Review. He ran the security programme at the think tank Demos for three years where he worked on UK national security strategy and resilience. He has conducted major research and analysis projects for the European Commission, European and Canadian Governments, and the US Administration. He is a regular commentator in national and international media.