Bahija Jamal

Professor, Mohammedia Faculty of Law, Hassan II University-Casablanca-Morocco


Associate Professor of International Law and International Relations,

Public Law Department,

Hassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco

Current Consultant on Combating Human Trafficking at International Organization for Migration

Former Staff Member, Ministry in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad and Migration Affairs

Former Staff member, UNHCR

Former Senior Advisor to UNODC, UNESCO and ICRC

Founder member, Moroccan Research Network on International Humanitarian Law

AREAS OF Specialization:  International Law, Migration, Asylum and Combatting Human Trafficking.


JAMAL B. (2016), “Moroccan Counterterrorism Policy: Case of Moroccan Female Migrants to ISIS”, NATO Advanced Research Workshop Responses to Female Migration to ISIS, Venice. Italy

JAMAL B. (2016), “Moroccan Experience on Combating Human Trafficking”, IOM Workshop organized for the members of the Moroccan Parliament, Rabat. Morocco

JAMAL B. (2016), “Combating Human trafficking in Morocco: Comparative study of the provisions of the current penal code and the new specific bill on Combating Human Trafficking” presented during the 1st meeting of Presentation before the Steering Committee of the IOM TACT project.

JAMAL B. (2015),: “Reflection on the Respect of the Guiding Principles of the New Moroccan Migratory Policy” presented at during the International Congress on Migration and right of asylum in the Mediterranean: Approaches and Challenges, Safi, Morocco.

JAMAL B. (2015), “The New Moroccan Policy one Migration”, Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, American University in Cairo, Egypte.

JAMAL B. (2015), “The Upgrading of the Legal Framework Relating to the Fight against Human Trafficking in Morocco” presented at the International conference on the Fight against Human Trafficking: A plural answer to a multiform phenomenon, organized by the Council of Europe, Tunis.