Established by the foundational process that took place in 2011-12, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime has been created with the following four goals:

Network Diagram 1

  1. The Network to Counter Networks: A global, multi-disciplinary network comprising of national and international practitioners, policy-makers, academics, civil society and the private sector engaged in analyzing or responding to organized crime or those whose affected by its impact. The Network serves as a forum for influence,collaboration, coordination and expertise, with sub-groups convened around geographic regions and thematic priority areas.
  2. Strategies: To promote a more strategic and coordinated approach to counter organized crime by facilitating the development of national, regional and international strategies across a range of sectors and criminal markets.
  3. Analysis: To underpin strategy development and informed assistance, the Global Initiative identifies priorities for the collection, analysis and dissemination of high-quality strategic information on organized crime trends and their impacts at regional level. Drawing on the expertise and capacity in the Network, the Global Initiative cross-fertilises ideas between actors in orderto develop innovative, evidence-based research reports and policy recommendations.
  4. Response:  The Network and its members engage to improve the exchange of experience and skills between countries and institutions, in order to promote greater capacity and ownership at the national and regional levels. The Network serves as a resource for strategic advice, expertise and experience, and provide a readily deployable capacity to strengthen national or regional efforts at pivotal points in a coordinated response.